Inflowlive will triple form conversions = more sales

It’s simple.

93% of online forms are started but
never completed. With Inflowlive, you can
convert these lost leads automatically.

Here's How It Works.

  • Drop a simple script into any website

    Use your own form or create a form with our easy, drag and drop form builder. Then, write and schedule e-mails to send out if people don’t complete your form.

  • Inflowlive starts the recovery process.

    If anyone stops filling out your form, Inflowlive automatically sends them e-mail reminders (even if they don’t press submit).

  • Convert 15% more leads.

    By sending automated follow-up reminders, you’ll get on average of 15% more form submissions and sales from lost leads.

Capture more responses & leads automatically.

Inflowlive automatically saves form entries – even if users don’t press submit. That way, you can recover responses regardless of whether their browser is closed, left inactive, or loses internet connection.

With just an e-mail address, you can automatically send them a targeted e-mail (or series of e-mails). Use it to remind folks to complete your form or ask how you can help.

Best of all, users will never start a form over again. Since Inflowlive recovers previously entered data, users can restart forms from where they left off!

No form? No worries. Use our drag and drop form builder.

  • Create stunning, mobile responsive forms without any coding knowledge for landing pages, contact forms, registrations, job applications, surveys and more.

  • Customise your form by adding your own logo and choosing a theme. Advanced users can also add custom css and js to further enhance forms or implement analytics and A/B testing.

  • Embed your form on any website or share it with anyone with your form link. You can also invite users to complete the form with inviation emails direct from the dashboard.

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Email automation that gets you results.

  • Use our simple, email builder or preset templates to create professional e-mails in seconds. Like other e-mail software, you can track open, click rates and send details on your analytics dashboard.

  • Write automation e-mails for users that abandon your form. Decide which e-mails to send, when, and how many, depending on what actions people take (or don’t take) on your form.

  • Thank users who complete your form with automated confirmation e-mails, thank you message or redirect them to a web page of your choice.

Get detailed insights on
your form’s performance.

Built-in form analytics shows your form’s conversion rates and the lost leads we recovered for you.
Find out which form fields users are having trouble with, the average time spent on your form, and more.
Then, use this data to optimize your form for increased conversions.

Follow up on lost leads like a pro.

Inflowlive gives you personal insights on your prospects (even if they abandon your form).

Easily find contact information, links to social media accounts, and positions at companies without scouring the web.

Use this knowledge to make targeted follow-ups by sending them personal e-mails within our app (or by an outbound method of your choice).

Over 250 Integrations via Zapier

With over 250 integrations (and counting), Inflowlive integrates with apps you already use.

Not sure if we can integrate with your apps or crm? Drop as an email or feel free to suggest new ones!

Your sensitive data is always protected.

With SSL encryption, your forms are always safe and secure – no matter where you embed it (or who you share it with).

Collect sensitive data anytime and anywhere – without worrying about security.

Coming Soon

  • Payment integrations

    Payments via Stripe, Paypal, and Alipay will allow businesses to use Inflowlive for e-commerce.

  • Perfectly timed e-mails

    Based on past data, Inflowlive predicts and sends out e-mails when users are most likely to open them.

  • Automated SMS reminders

    Send automated SMS reminders to users that abandon your form (just like e-mail!)

  • Pre-made templates

    Save time on writing follow-up e-mails by choosing from pre-made automation templates by industry.

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